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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Follow Me Back by A.V. Geiger

Tessa Hart’s world feels very small. Confined to her bedroom with agoraphobia, her one escape is the online fandom for pop sensation Eric Thorn. When he tweets to his fans, it’s like his speaking directly to her…

Eric Thorn is frightened by his obsessive fans. They take their devotion way too far. It doesn’t help that his PR team keeps posting to encourage their fantasies.

When a fellow pop star is murdered at the hands of a fan, Eric knows he has to do something to shatter his online image fast—like take down one of his top Twitter followers. But Eric’s plan to troll @TessaHeartsEric unexpectedly evolves into an online relationship deeper than either could have imagined. And when the two arrange to meet IRL, what should have made for the world’s best episode of Catfish takes a deadly turn…

Rating: 10 out of 5 (Not a miss type. This book goes above and beyond five stars.)
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an eARC of this book.
My Review: I love this book so much. Lets start with characters. Tessa and Eric are very well developed especially in their interactions with each other. I love Tessa. I feel like she's an amazing character especially because she going through so much. I feel like there isn't enough books out there that have characters with mental illnesses and I love how Geiger incorporates it into the book, makes it a pretty big deal but doesn't make it the entire plot line.
I don't have agoraphobia but I do have anxiety and depression. Not exactly the same thing but I defiantly relate to some of it. Especially peoples reactions to mental disorders. Tessa's Mom and boyfriend don't get it and so they get frustrated really easily with her and I can definitely relate to that with my friends. I love how the author gives a very accurate and realistic telling of mental disorders.
I also love Eric. He's sweet and nice. I feel really bad for him though. He had no idea what being in the music industry was going to be like and once he found out it was too late. He feels trapped. Then he meets Tessa who understands him and he finally feels accepted. I love it when it shows the interrogations with him because his only concern is for Tessa. How she's doing and if she's okay.
One of the things I love in a book is multiple formats. One of the reasons I LOVE Everything, Everything. This book is told through police interrogations, twitter posts, and twitter DM's along with the normal book format. It's different and different is hard to come by these days. (Oh and there is a direct reference to One Direction and Ariana Grande if that makes you want to read the book more.)
The ending has to be the best part of this book. It leaves you floundering, craving more. I literally don't think I can wait for the next book because I'm so shocked at that ending and... perplexed...and confused... and guys I don't think I will be sane until I read what happens next!
One more thing... The plot twists!!!! The book completely leads you on. Leads you to believe one thing and in return hands you another unexpected, yet totally enjoyable, answer.
Please pick up this book when it comes out *pst June 6th* 
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