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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Did I Mention I Love/Need/Miss You?

Can I just say that it's been forever! If I'm being totally honest I never thought I'd be on here again. Senior year pushed me so far down. I ddin't have time for anything I loved and I was constantly stressed out. I took a major break from reading that I seriously regret but I'm back now and I just finished an ABSOLUTLY STUNNING BOOK. I can't think of a better book to break my reading slump then Did I Mention I Love You? by Estelle Maskame. This book was a Wattpad sensation that got published by Black and White Publishing. I couldn't believe it when I found out but she was only 16 when she wrote this incredible book! So much talent!

As for this blog... well I'm trying and that will include expanding my horizons. I love going and seeing professionaly done shows on tour and I want to share my love of Broadway because theater is something that has taken over my life so be on the look out for show reviews and maybe a few movies as well. I definitely have thoughts on Descendants 3 that I can't wait to share ;)

But now for my thoughts on the Did I Mention series...

Did I Mention I Love/Need/Miss You?
by Estelle Maskame
Rating: 5/5

Ok seriously, if you are a teenage girl with a romantic side how have you not read this book yet?!?! It is such a relief to see a romance book that's not cliche or predictable. There is nothing I love to read more then romance... seriously I go CRAZY. I squeal and jump and read dialog out loud. But it can be hard. Don't get me wrong I love cliche romance books just like the hopeless romantic I am, but lets be honest reading the same plot line told a million different ways can get tiring. So while I love book with Jane Austen plot lines books like this series are a breath of fresh air. I don't think a book has made me react this strongly for a long time. My dog was questioning my sanity.
First off, I've never heard of a book with this kind of plot line. If you've never heard of this book then here's a quick summery in my own words of course. Eden hasn't talked to her dad in years and suddenly he invites her to spend the summer in California. She ends up going because hello! A summer in Cali vs a summer in Portland, Oregon. There's no contest! Plus she has her own reasons from getting away from home for awhile. So she goes out there and meets her step mom Ella and her two step brothers Jamie (14) and Chase (11). She hits it off with her two youngest stepbrothers pretty fast but wait... there's a third brother named Tyler whose 17 and has a bit of a bad streak. And by bit I mean this kid seems like he should be in Juvie. Things are awkward with her dad and on top of that she has to deal with this jerk (she uses much stronger words) who lives in the room next to her. But she's also kind of intrigued by him and the more she digs the more she feels toward him. She just has one question. How should she handle falling for her Stepbrother?
YOU GUYS! Have you ever heard of a book like that? I mean the spending the summer with your dad and step family plot is something I've seen before. But the relationship between this father and daughter in this one... lets just say that it goes beyond awkward and more into absolute loathing. I've never quite seen this father daughter dynamic in any book I've read before. And the relationship choice... stepsiblings... I have never even heard of another book like it. It's very original and creative.
Not only is the plot line captivating but so are the charaters. I don't think I've seen this kind of character development and character arch in most books I've read. It was incredibly thorough throughout the entirety of the series and while we miss a year or two in between each book when the next book starts it doesn't feel like they are out of character. The one thing I normally struggle with in reading when there are huge time gaps between books is character development because people change over time so sometimes with the ways they've changed it doesn't feel like the same character because we missed their whole arch. With this series however it was totally different. Even Tyler, the character who changes the most in between each book, still seems like Tyler, even though the changes in him are drastic. The author knows her characters and is able to keep them recognizable even with personality and mood adjustments.
Another thing I love is the tension that is built up through the book. In all three books there's tension between the two love interests, Eden and Tyler. I often when reading find myself skipping to the end of the book or the middle to read the parts where they kiss or finally admit their feeings! I know I know, slap my wrist, it's an awful thing to do but sometimes I just can't wait. Being the romantic freak I am I need my fix. I NEED to see them together. But I didn't do that once while reading this book series. And that's all because of all the tension. It was almost better then when they actually get together! ALMOST. It's not only cute and agonizing (but in a good way I swear!) but it's also hilarious. The quips and humor that a lot of the characters posses is incredibly entertaining.
Not only did the book have a great plot, amazing characters, and incredible tension, but it was also just genuinely written well. It was descriptive but not too long. It was about 400 pages each book but flows incredibly fast. There's never a dull moment, so while it's not an action adventure novel it still doesn't disappoint and it kind of incorporates it's own kind of action. It was definitely written at a high school level and very well I might add. It didn't dumb down anything but it didn't use too complex words or phrasing and fits perfectly for the intended age group.
I don't think I have any more words to describe how amazing this book is. You need to read it. I'm not going to even beat around the bush on this one. This is definite
ly a MUST READ. And after reading this book I will read just about anything theat Estelle Maskame writes, I just can't get enough.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Wildcard Blog Tour Favorite Quotes

Wildcard by Marie Lu (2nd in the Warcross series)
Rating: 5 out of 5

Return to the immersive, action-packed world of Warcross in this thrilling sequel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Marie Lu
Emika Chen barely made it out of the Warcross Championships alive. Now that she knows the truth behind Hideo's new NeuroLink algorithm, she can no longer trust the one person she's always looked up to, who she once thought was on her side.

Determined to put a stop to Hideo's grim plans, Emika and the Phoenix Riders band together, only to find a new threat lurking on the neon-lit streets of Tokyo. Someone's put a bounty on Emika's head, and her sole chance for survival lies with Zero and the Blackcoats, his ruthless crew. But Emika soon learns that Zero isn't all that he seems--and his protection comes at a price.

Caught in a web of betrayal, with the future of free will at risk, just how far will Emika go to take down the man she loves?

(Disclaimer: All quotes are from an Advanced Readers Copy so they might not be 100% accurate.)
This has to be one of my favorite books of all time. It's as amazing as Warcross if not more so. Every time you think you have a grasp on the situation there's a new plot twist that you never saw coming. The characters are even more dynamic then they were in the first book and we get to know them on an even deeper level.

My favorite part of any book (besides the romance of course) are the quotes that hit you deep and pack a punch. Here are just a few of my favorites from Wildcard. A forewarning there will be spoilers, these are direct quotes from the book and most of them come from the end. Read on at your own risk.

4. "When the closing ceremony game starts, everything will either end or become a living nightmare."

        I love this quote! It's so ominous and enticing. It pulls you forward and makes you want to keep reading.

3. "'I'm terrified,' he whispers back. 'Of what you're capable of. Because you're here, walking on a razor-thin line. I've been afraid ever since I met you, when you looked me straight in the eye and broke down my system in a matter of minutes. I spent hours afterward studying what you did. I remember everything you've ever said to me...I'm afraid that every time I see you might be the last'...His voice is low and raw. 'Because every time I see you, it takes everything in me to turn away.'"

      I promise you I didn't just include this quote because it's romantic (although that might be part of it), I also added it because it shows so much depth in Hideo. He's typically emotionally vacant. Even with Emika in Warcross he's distant most of the time. This is one of those few rare moments where we get to see how deeply Hideo feels things. He feels so deeply but has gotten so good at hiding it. I appreciate how in this moment the author breaks down his walls, even to someone who he doesn't completely trust. And okay, it's stupidly sappy and romantic, the perfect combo for any hopeless romantic.

2. "Even though Sasuke isn't here, I can sense his presence in the room, as if the boy who had disappeared has finally, in Jax, found a voice for his story."

      This is perfect for anyone who has lost a loved one. The people we love are never really gone, they live on in us. Whenever we talk about them or stand up for something they believed in you're carrying on their legacy and keeping their memory alive.

1.  "Every problem has a solution. But after every solution, there's a new problem to tackle, some new challenge to take on. You don't stop after you solve one thing. You keep going, you find a new way and a new path, try to do better and create better. Tearing something down isn't the end; doing something great, or better, something right, is. Or maybe there isn't such a thing as an end goal at all. You accomplish something, and then you shift, ready to accomplish the next. You keep solving one problem after another until you change the world."

      It's so true! Life keeps moving and you're goals and motivations always shifting. It really gives you something to think about.

Guys, I totally recommend this book. It has action, romance, comedy. It's a great fit for people who love a variety of things.

Marie Lu is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Young Elites series, as well as the blockbuster bestselling Legend series. She graduated from the University of Southern California and jumped into the video game industry as an artist. Now a full-time writer, she spends her spare time reading, drawing, playing games, and getting stuck in traffic. She lives in Los Angeles with her illustrator/author husband, Primo Gallanosa, and their dogs.

BONUS QUOTE: "Hideo narrows his eyes. Through our link, I hear him send a quiet, unspoken command to Taylor.