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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Reawakened and Recreated by Colleen Houck


Let me start by saying that I love this author. The Tigers Curse is one of my all time favorite book series and now she's written another incredible story. I got Recreated before it comes out August 2, 2016.
Rating: 9.75
Okay, the story follows a girl named Lily, she's rich but smart, she's not snobby, she's supper nice and her parents are super uptight and don't let her make her own decisions.
She's at the museum, one of her favorite places, when new Egyptian stuff is shipped in. While there she meets a boy named Amon, an Egyptian prince who has just awoken from mummification, who kinda freaks her out. He follows her around and ultimately tells her that they need to go to Egypt together. He says he needs to awaken his brothers and preform a ritual to save mankind. Lily never thought anything exciting would happen to her but wished it would, but now that she has to travel with this sun prince to stop the god of chaos Seth, she thinks that maybe her life got a little to exciting. Even worse she starts to fall for the handsome sun prince, who is destined for something else. Instead of star-crossed lovers their god-crossed lovers... Get it... Instead of the stars deciding their fate the gods do... Okay, bad joke. But this book really is amazing.
Lets break down the characters.
Lillian Young (Lily): In the book summary it had a little about her. She's pampered and HATES it. She's nice and kind and smart. She's an amazingly well developed character. She's different then a lot of heroines.
Amon: Sun Prince. Nice and kind. He loves with his whole heart (I made a joke but you have to read the book to get it bc I don't want to give anything away.) He's loyal and brave. He accepts his fate, but with questions and contemplation. What else... Oh! He's the best character in the whole book! He never thinks of his want or desires, but of the greater good, Lily and his brothers.
Asten and Ahmose:  Amons brothers. They are in the second book more then the first. Like Amon they are loyal to each other and accept their fate. They are amazing characters as well. They are protective not only of each other but over their brothers... Not girlfriend but not just friend... The relationship is complicated... Over Lily, who they only just met.
Tia: Loyal but seems to take over at the worst of times.
Anubis: God of "death." Actually pretty nice for the god of something so morbid.

Ok plot.
Let me just say OMG. The idea of it is so amazing. It's romance, adventure, mythology. All my favorite things. There were some slow parts in the second book that took me a while to get through but once things sped up I couldn't stop reading.
The main idea still isn't clear because the only characters who know everything refuse to give the information up. It's kinda like Percy Jackson where the books have different plots but lead into the overall plot that's revealed towards the end. Individual plots leading up to something bigger. This only makes me long harder for the next book!
 There's new things discovered around every corner. It can get a little confusing but then when things start clicking into place it's amazing the feeling that comes with it. When new revelations are made it's like a spark went off.

I really recommend this book, and author. It's an amazing book with a little bit of everything in it.